Beach Vacuums


Vacuum Service

We service ALL brands of vacuums no matter where you purchased them. Some manufacturers allow us to perform warranty work and others do not. No appointment is necessary. Just drop off your vacuum and we will give provide you a "NOT TO EXCEED" quoted price. This means you know the highest amount your repair will cost. If upon working on your vacuum we determine our quoted price will be exceeded, we will stop and contact you to inform you of any additional cost or delay in repairing your vacuum. If you agree to the new price then we will proceed. If, however you tell us to "BLOW IT OUT OF YOUR EAR" we will not complete any repair and you will not owe us anything. We only charge if we can fix the vacuum! No estimate fee or bench fee just to find out what is wrong with your vacuum.

Typical repairs on bagged vacuums have a not to exceed $29-$89 price. Typical repairs on bag-less vacuums have a not to exceed $49-$99 price.

Central Vacuum In Home Service


We provide in home Central Vacuum repairs. We repair all brands of central vacuums no matter where purchased or when. If we can't fix your central vacuum then no fee is charged. If we determine a new unit is required, we will waive repair cost and only charge for new unit installed by our technicians. Our labor fee is fixed. We don't charge a per hour charge just a flat rate.